Ladiescamp 2017

In July 2016 the first Ladiescamp event, organized by the Austrian motorcycle magazine, took place. The event became a success and so it was almost natural that on 2nd July, 6 Wima girls met in Melk, or more precisely at Wachauring, to participate in the motorcycle magazine Ladiescamp 2017. As the first time, in 2016, 100 women met on this day […]

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Jolly Anticipation

spring does send his first signs with brighter days and warmer temperatures, so spring fever is rising among us. Naturally gasoline soaked feelings 😉 Thats certainly why we welcomed the opening of the Ladiescamp registration at our austrian motorcycle magazine even more. Until now, 6 of us have already registered for Sunday, July is now anxious awaited. 🙂 Ladiescamp 2016 […]

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The new Year

Das geplante Jahresprogramm, zusätzlich wird noch eine Saisonstart und Saisonende Ausfahrt organisiert: Bike – Austria 2017 3. -5. Februar 2017  Tulln Masters of Dirt   17.-19. März 2017  Wien, Stadthalle Safebike Erfahrungsgemäß April/Mai Pachfurth IFRD 6. Mai 2017 Where the road leeds us Reitwagen Ranch  9. – 11. Juni, 2017 Tröpolach, 9631 Erzbergrodeo   15.-18. Juni 2017 Eisenerz Ladies Camp 1. – […]

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Ladies Camp

What a weekend! OMG, what a weekend! Like heaven! At saturday enduro riding under beautiful weather conditions, and on sunday the big event: The austrians motorcycle magazines Ladies Camp! The organizers were really brave to risk such an event without any former experience how many girls would join such a call. But we all got surprised. The official review (only […]

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